5 Best Photography Practices for Marketing Properties in 2018

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2018 has officially arrived. A new year brings the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Are you thinking about ways to upgrade your marketing game?

Photos are a great place to start. Many renters are eyeing your website and social media platforms before they ever set foot on your property. They want a full picture of the space they could be legally binding themselves to. In addition to professional property website photos, real-time photos are more important than ever.

Before you hire a professional photographer or direct staff to take property photos, these five best practices should be kept in mind:

1. Lighting is your best friend

Good lighting is the starting point. Before photos are taken, you should always make sure the space is well-lit. For interiors, open nearby blinds/windows and take advantage of natural light. Also, showcase LED light installments to highlight an energy-saving community.

2. Composition and quality is everything

Say goodbye to tilted, pixelated, blurry photos. Pay attention to the frame and quality of each photo.

Is your staff still using a digital camera from 2008? It’s time to invest in a new digital camera or professional DSLR. If it’s not in the budget, some newer mobile camera models will fit the bill.

3. Staging is important

Clear the clutter, but don’t leave too much bare space. Provide potential renters a realistic idea of how their space could look by incorporating furniture and props. Keep it simple.

4. Highlight community details and game-changing amenities

What makes your property unique? Does your community have smart home technology or first class amenities? Showcase the gourmet coffee bar, updated gym, business center, fitness center and details that make your property stand out from the rest.

5. Choose wisely when editing

In case you end up with a tilted photo or bad lighting, you can enhance or adjust your photos with editing tools. For property photos, it’s best to stick to the basics. Increasing the brightness and contrast are good places to start, but don’t overdo it—renters will wonder if you’re hiding something.

With all of the tasks that property managers are faced with, photos are usually the last thing to think of. However, they can be the difference that gets a renter to sign a lease.

Make it a new year resolution to amp up your property photos in 2018.


Contributor, Property Management Insider

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Ashley Tluchak is an experienced communications professional with a background in journalism and digital marketing. She leads marketing efforts for a Dallas-based nonprofit organization and calls the University of North Texas her alma mater.

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