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A young, active city at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Denver’s stunning architecture, award-winning dining and unparalleled views are all within the walking distance from the 16th Street pedestrian mall. Upscale shopping awaits in Cherry Creek, while Denver’s seven professional sports teams entertain year-round. (Denver Convention & Visitors Bureau)


Top 4 Reasons Why Rent Growth is Booming in Denver

Three to five years ago, few would have picked the Denver apartment market to perform as well as it has. But with nation-leading rent growth, strong economic and demographic tailwinds and a structural shift in the single-family market, the Mile High City apartment market is firing on all cylinders. Starting in late 2010, the Denver/Boulder market […]


Is Denver’s Apartment Market Strength Extending to Colorado Springs?

The apartment sector in Colorado Springs has followed a pattern quite different from the consistent strength seen just north in Denver. But more recently, Colorado Springs has notched some impressive numbers.


The Retail, Light Rail Premium: Denver Apartment Market Case Study

In the apartment industry and other types of real estate, location is paramount. Amenities offered in a given area will almost always trump what apartment developers can feasibly develop within a community. For that reason, developers and prospective apartment owners flock to hot locations intensely analyzing available land or existing communities to determine if the […]


Bay Area Gets Dethroned from #1 Spot in Nation’s Apartment Rent Growth Leaderboard

Make no mistake: Apartment rent growth remains substantial in the Bay Area. But which metro surged ahead of the Bay Area and claimed the #1 spot in 2015’s 1st quarter?


Top 10 U.S. Submarkets by Share of Metro Stock

Does density improve performance? Rental rates are an effective tool for analyzing a submarket. The theory goes, the higher the rents, the more desirable the area. Since real estate decisions are partially based on submarket analysis, could the same hold true for submarket level density? This piece will explore whether submarket density indicates a lack […]


The Nation’s Top 10 Markets for Rent Growth in 2014

Apartment rent growth accelerated across the country in 2014. Which markets were the best of the best? MPF Research unveils the rent growth leaderboard in this video edition of Apartment Market Dynamics.


Apartment Completions Slow Rent Growth … Except Where They Don’t

Rent growth in the U.S. apartment market has exceeded the expectations of many during 2014, with much of that growth stemming from very strong pricing power in bread-and-butter, middle-market communities. Prices are tending to climb more slowly in the newest, most expensive units, partly reflecting the impact of large volumes of new properties moving through […]


Does a Peek into the Past Provide a Baseline for the Future?

By all accounts, from fundamental metrics to anecdotal offerings, the multifamily market is red hot. As a result, apartment rent growth levels have been on the rise, and surged to 3.7% nationally during the past year. With so much upward momentum, we wondered how much further rent growth levels can grow. As such, we asked […]

Apartment Rent Growth Denver

Apartment Rent Growth Further Accelerates in Denver

New apartment supply is hitting the Denver market at the highest levels in a decade. And yet, apartment rent growth levels continue to accelerate – hitting a two-decade high in Q3 2014.


The Nation’s Apartment Rent Growth Leaderboard Includes Some Surprises

Which apartment markets posted the strongest year-over-year rent gains through 2014’s 3rd quarter? While the list includes some of the usual suspects, a few surprise markets have cracked the rent growth leaderboard. Greg Willett and Jay Parsons reveal the leaderboard in this video edition of Apartment Market Dynamics.

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