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Image of downtown Los Angeles - L.A. Apartment Market

Los Angeles Remains the Un-sexiest of the Sexy Six

The Los Angeles apartment market has yet to show consistently strong momentum since coming out of the recession. Is the City of Angels facing a “new normal” below the typical revenue growth levels of the mid-2000s?

April 17, 2014 in Featured
Austin Apartment Market Performance Q1 2014

Austin’s Apartment Market is Entering Uncharted Territory [Video]

For the first time in more than two decades, Austin’s apartment sector is expected to see big growth in both the local economy and in new apartment supply. Can Austin’s projected economic growth cushion the apartment sector from a 20-year peak in new development?

April 15, 2014 in Featured
Nashville Apartments Performance Highlights Q1 2014

Nashville Apartment Sector Remains on a Hot Streak, But Supply Wave Looms [Video]

The Nashville economy is generating consistently more jobs than it has at any point over the last decade. That, combined with the strong demographic trends, has helped sustain tight occupancy rates and impressive rent growth. But it’s also led to a huge spike in apartment construction, and the first wave will start hitting the market later this year.

April 9, 2014 in Featured

The Top 6 Cities for Apartment Demand

For firms concentrating on big-time overall apartment demand potential, six apartment markets across the country stand head-and-shoulders above their counterparts in terms of current momentum.

April 8, 2014 in Featured
Bay Area Apartment Markets Performance Q1 2014

Rent Growth Levels Re-Accelerate in the Bay Area

One theme seen in 1st quarter 2014 was the re-acceleration of rent growth levels in some of the nation’s hottest development markets, including California’s Bay Area. What does the improved momentum tell us about the market’s fate going forward as even more new supply is set to complete?

April 7, 2014 in Featured
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