20 Ways to Become a Successful Landlord

Tips for Becoming Landlord


Passive income. Flexible work schedules. Sunny beaches and fruity margaritas. Living the dream!

Well, not exactly.

The Life of a Landlord

Being a successful landlord is one of the most risky and demanding jobs out there. Marketing, screening, lease renewal strategies, maintenance, accounting, Fair Housing laws, evictions…all part of the daily grind. Every day a rental is occupied you’re generating cash flow. Every day a rental sits vacant you’re burning benjamins.


For many accidental landlords and first-time investors, the reality of “landlording” turns out to be much more than they bargained for. The pressure of juggling multiple responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming. If I haven’t scared you off yet, you’ll be glad to know there are proven systems and strategies you can put in place to handle everything that comes with being a landlord.

In this infographic, myself and the team at Jacob Grant Property Management share 20 things you need to know to become a successful landlord. Each tip is derived from over a decade of experience managing hundreds of rental properties across East Idaho.

20 tips to become a successful landlord - Jacob Grant PropMGMT


Owner, Jacob Grant Property Management

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Jake Durtschi is the owner of Jacob Grant Property Management located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Jake and his team manage over 400 rental properties in the east Idaho region. Learn more about Jake and the team at Jacob Grant Property Management on their website, www.Jacobgrant.com.

2 responses to “20 Ways to Become a Successful Landlord”

  1. Adam Bockler says:

    My brother-in-law is a real estate investor. He owns a couple of rental properties. One of them is even a vacation rental. He offers incentives to vacationers that write a review about his vacation property. I think this kind of goes along with your suggestion for property management companies to reinforce good behavior. I wan to invest in real estate one day. I’ll keep your tips in mind. http://www.reedyandcompany.net/services

  2. Lisa Sammy says:

    These people are crooks, their animosity has my family homeless for over a year; I refuse to pay their extortion attempt (I will never forgive your company). Jorge entered my property unannounced as against my lease multiple times once my wife and I naked (after the third time) I called the police because I felt violated. Month later after my lease expired, they charged me over $12,000.00, $5,000.00 listed as professional fees no other explanation to fees. Charged me two extra months rent, plus late fees daily for them month’s; even after I moved out after full completion of a year lease and note and email of 30 days notice with our last months rental payment.

    Carpets at moved in was dyed brown, crusty and smelled; no problem rented a shampoo carpet cleaner and went to cleaning. Charged on my move out statement, $1100.00 for carpet replacement and $500.00 for carpet pad replacement.

    Best part is now my credit is tainted with an extremely vindictive move out cost, till this day a year later my wife and I are homeless because of their insane ridiculous hateful cost of move out.

    Sorry I’m homeless and I refuse to pay their collection company, if this is how you are successful; your company is cold hearted and evil. I go to sleep every night remembering your company’s lies and evil which have my family homeless. I pray justice come your way, because what you did is wrong and beyond evil.

    Rack up unjustified cost to render me homeless, heaven forbid your company any success because it is ran by gruel, cold hearted liars; whom set my family homeless for your personal satisfaction.

    Your leas has a clause about lawsuits, claiming I will be responsible for your company’s lawyer (nice); I will still be filling a prejudice claim with better business bureau BBB. I can’t forgive or forget this clear hate and abuse power.

    Leroy Gusman

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