How Property Management Software can Help you Deal with Difficult Residents


Using Software for Handling Resident Needs

There are varying approaches to handling difficult residents, an unenviable challenge for any property manager no matter how long the tenure in the multifamily housing business. Some industry experts suggest a formula of professionalism, firmness, and compassion to manage residents who are either overbearing or pesky. Others may want to consider another option.

One way to help the process of overcoming problems with residents is through effective software designed for landlords. Frankly, it’s an unexpected ally that collects data, identifies trends, and sends out accurate, real-time information to prevent future problems with tenants.

Difficult Residents Software

The software manages the entire lifecycle of renters, from the time they enter the system as prospects until the day they move out. RealPage, Inc.’s OneSite essentially is a living history of your residents that property managers can utilize during difficult times or identify problem residents before the lease is signed.

Here’s why:

Screening helps make the right choice

The best way to create and maintain positive relationships with your residents is to choose the right individuals to live at your properties. Property management software includes features that analyze an applicant’s credit, criminal, and rental history. Ultimately, these can be alerts for what may become bigger problems.

Moneywise suggests researching a tenant’s background and rental history in depth before they sign a lease. Carefully review information about your tenants’ references and credit reports, as it contains valuable insights and can alert you of potential concerns.

Agreements are at the ready anytime, all the time

When issues arise with a resident, property managers need to put their hands on leasing agreements and other documentation fast. If there is a history with the resident that could make for grounds for a warning or eviction, being able to quickly access key documents is imperative. Property management software serves as a repository for such documentation and provides easy access.

Software Residents

Payment portals to assist with nonpayment

Late payment and nonpayment of rent are thorns in the sides of property managers because they can affect cash flow and cause stress between resident and landlord. Online payment portals established through property management software help make rent payment more convenient for residents. Automated reminders alert your tenants when the rent is due, and the system provides tracking so problem payers get flagged before the past due becomes a big problem.

Chronic maintenance problems are documented

Chronic maintenance issues with a resident is an area of concern that should be documented. This could mean that a resident is harder on an apartment unit than others, which could cause large-scale harm to your properties. A fully integrated property management solution provides documentation of maintenance records, which not only identify potential trouble spots but also help property managers keep up with routine maintenance.

Residents Property Management

Incidents, complaints can be tracked

A great property management system allows properties to track behavioral complaints and disruptive incidents as they occur, along with related communication with residents. If you need to take action against a tenant or pursue eviction, all interactions will be documented in your system for reference.

While resident issues can be challenging at times, utilizing property management software can help better manage residents and prospects at your properties. If you haven’t adopted a property management solution, consider your options to add value to your apartment communities.


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