Marketing Trends Coming to Multifamily in 2015


It has been a good year, especially for the world of marketing. We’ve seen how digital media disrupted apartment marketing in 2014, and how social media has grown in both popularity and usage, giving property managers more ways to engage with residents. Now for the upcoming new year, what marketing trends are on the horizon for the apartment industry? Where should property management companies be investing their time and money?

Take a look at just some of the latest marketing methods that could give you an edge in the New Year.

1. Creating content from scratch every time isn’t scalable.  Focus on content engineering by leveraging learning materials from a single content source (presentations, handouts, infographics, a proprietary website), crowd source/depend on guest bloggers, crowd source information in social and then curate and share on a blog, etc. Also, remember to keep it simple and create content that solves the same problem your product solves.

2. Sharable content beats SEO. Every. Time.  Stop writing for Google. Keyword placement is important, but it’s no longer the end-all-be-all way to discover good content (and certainly doesn’t encourage sharing). To quote fellow social media expert, Matthew Dooley of Dooley Media and founder of Kapture, “Everything you write – including what’s inside the URL of a blog post – should be centered on what’s interesting enough for people to engage with and share (vs. just what will show up well in search).” Remember to be human, don’t create content for robots.

3. Gamification. Is the dream is over?  Gamification is the use of game mechanics and design techniques to motivate people to solve problems or achieve certain goals.  It can be used beyond an enterprise+employee perspective, despite a still highly segmented gamification market. How do we expand our use of gamification to reap additional benefits in multifamily? Create a gamification strategy for your website or application, apply it to your business internet marketing program, or integrate it with social media. There’s nothing wrong with a little competition.  Read more about our gamification tips for multifamily marketing in detail here.

4. Visual communications. Give residents their own virtual reality of what it would be like to live at your property. Thanks to evolving technology (think mobile meets video, drones, hyperlapse technology, interactive walk-throughs, 3D floorplans, and user-generated content) there are vehicles out there to bring your property to life. These methods will give users the power to explore the property from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Also, you can repurpose this visual content on a blog, social media, via a live feed on your website, in  webinars, in your community’s front office and more.

Because consumers are changing the way they interact online, it is clear property owners will need to continue finding new, creative ways to connect with them. If these trends are a sign of the changes coming to apartment marketing, what will happen in 2015? Since we can’t predict the future, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Lea Lashley is a Contributing Editor for She focuses on marketing and social media strategies at RealPage, Inc. She has spent nearly 15 years in marketing and communications, and was recently an adjunct professor at the master’s level in social and digital media marketing at the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. Lea received her education at the University of North Texas where she majored in English Literature.
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  1. Hey Lea Lashley, I come across countless blog posts throughout my work day and rarely comment but this one I have to express how spot on you are. Your attention to detail and social awareness is key to continued success. People love visual stimulation that lets the client explore property through virtual walk-throughs in the comfort of their home with no added pressure. Definitely passing along this post. Great work, thanks.

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