What Makes a Successful Multifamily Learning Program? [eBook]


Learning management systems have become indispensable assets for property management and multifamily training programs. A successful multifamily learning management system will increase the speed and effectiveness of employee learning and improve the value of an entire company.

With technological changes and the rapid rate of change in the property management industry, it is important that employee training and management stays up to speed. The increased use of technology now allows corporations to train employees in a whole new way, affecting the speed at which companies grow. Having a successful training program will remove barriers to learning, actively engage your employees in the learning process and enhance organizational performance.

A successful learning management system should include the following five elements in its training program:

1. A single learning management platform: Consolidating all company learning into a single platform creates one location of access to industry knowledge rather than silos of training attached to separate applications. This includes software that is easily integrated and customizable for third party content. Since it was designed for multifamily, this will help your staff better understand specific operations.

2. An actionable and meaningful learning experience: RealPage’s learning management system provides clear instructions and goals for employees in easily obtained increments that make training more memorable and accessible. RealPage’s software allows for more navigable access to training modules and provides content relevant to current situations. Training is then more likely to be completed, and the employees come back for more.

3. Motivation and recognition: Motivation and recognition are key factors in completion and continuation of employee training. Staying up to date with the latest training methods keeps employees engaged in the training process. Gamification, community leaderboards and motivational mechanics are all strategies shown to be extremely effective in motivating employees, and all are available with RealPage’s multifamily learning program.

4. Ongoing measurement: Using metrics to determine your trainings effectiveness on business outcomes is an integral part of any multifamily learning program. RealPage software can be tailored specifically for your multifamily needs, enabling you with the knowledge on knowing what to measure and how to gauge success.

5. Talent management for the long haul: Connecting learning with employee performance should be an integral part of your talent management strategy. Creating a learning path will allow employees to participate in long-term, career spanning, professional growth that allows for promotions from within the company.

Using intelligent functionality, easy to implement systems, and innovative management and training strategies, RealPage’s Easy LMS will keep you up to speed with its talent management system. Download the eBook to find out more.


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Lori Lysobey is a long-time Dallas resident. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends while exploring Dallas as much as possible. Lori graduated with a degree in education from the University of North Texas in 2003 and currently teaches high school students.

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