Neighborhood Spirit: Prometheus and RealPage Sponsor a Contest That Makes Everyone Feel At Home


Dedication to your career always yields rewards. But sometimes, the rewards are beyond special. Think eye opening, partner building and heartwarming. That’s what Alyssa Williams discovered when she won the Topshop Quality Contest sponsored by the Prometheus Real Estate Group and the RealPage Contact Center.

Alyssa is a superstar leasing associate on the RealPage Contact Center Prometheus-dedicated team in South Carolina, helping “future neighbors” find their new home in a “neighborhood” in the San Francisco/San Mateo area in California. Future neighbors and neighborhoods are Prometheus’s names for their prospects and properties.

Note that South Carolina and California are 3000 miles apart. How can they give anyone expert advice about a Prometheus neighborhood all the way across the USA?

The answer is partnership. RealPage and Prometheus work hand-in-hand to turn RealPage Contact Center employees into brand ambassadors. Alyssa and her fellow teammates answer every call from future neighbors, and know everything about the Prometheus neighborhoods. The result is leasing mastery.

“The RealPage Contact Center is such an important step in our future neighbors’ journey,” says Stéphanie Versin, Prometheus’s Vice President of Marketing. “Very often, it’s their first touchpoint with our brand. You have to get it just right. The brand must be just the right brand. The experience must be impeccable. And our RealPage team delivers. They’re rock stars.”

Topshop Quality Contest showcases the Prometheus experience

RealPage and Prometheus felt they could take this even one step higher, and launched the Topshop Quality Contest in 2016. Over a three-month period, Contact Center associates were judged on three performance criteria: average quality score rating, overall number of passing evaluations and adherence to scheduling. Alyssa won with a 99.96% quality score. She and her supervisor, RealPage Contact Center Product Success Representative Tia Pegarido, received an all-expenses paid trip to California to tour Prometheus neighborhoods and meet the staff.

For Tia, the trip was a dual delight.

“San Francisco was so lively and energetic, you couldn’t help feeling the same way. The Bay Bridge at night was like a light show. And there’s so much to do. Where else would you find a night spot called the Ping Pong Social Club? You play ping pong instead of pool! The city was amazing,” she says.

But it was the Prometheus experience that really resonated with her, from meeting team members to touring neighborhoods.

“That was beyond amazing!” Tia continues. “It was the most memorable part of the trip. Prometheus gives us all the information we need to know about their neighborhoods, so we can do a great job working with our future neighbors. But when you actually see the neighborhoods that you speak to people about every day, that just stays with you. You can touch the brand. You can feel it. I came back to Carolina with memories and experiences like a Prometheus neighbor, and I pass that on to the people who are looking for their perfect new home.”

“People” is a word you hear a lot from both the Prometheus staff and the team at the RealPage Contact Center. Contest winner Alyssa Williams says that both RealPage and Prometheus share a people-centered philosophy, which is one reason they partner so well together. She says that success comes down to treating every future neighbor the way she would like to be treated—with respect, sincerity, and understanding. In this case, understanding is big.

“I know that the people I talk to could use a little comfort,” Alyssa explains. “They may be moving to an exciting place like San Francisco to take a position at an amazing company like Google or Intel. But they’re still leaving home. I’m there to make the transition easy. Do you love swimming? This Prometheus neighborhood has a swimming pool! Do you like quiet places to study? This neighborhood has a think tank! And I call them to say congratulations when they select the neighborhood that’s right for them. Really, my job is to help them find the place that feels like home away from home, so when they walk in, they breathe a sigh of relief.”

Prometheus creates an environment that feels like home

Making people feel at home is part of the culture at Prometheus, which is as much about family as it is about multifamily.

At Prometheus, every neighborhood has a teepee in the middle of every model suite, and a faux fire log. This is how they tell their future neighbors that this is their home away from home. The same teepee also appears in every one of their corporate offices to remind employees that finding people a new home is what Prometheus does.

The Prometheans—that’s how they like to call themselves—extend the theme at every model suite with drinks and snacks in the refrigerator, photos on a clothesline and hanging plants in the bathrooms. Walk through the facilities at their neighborhoods, and there are signs with positive messages like “You are here!” and “Way to go!”

All these special touches seem to add up to one idea: Prometheus’s secret for success is to remove the barriers. Prometheans, RealPage Contact Center agents and neighbors, both present and future, are all part of one big family.

The evidence for this is everywhere. The presence of the home-away-from-home teepee in both the neighborhoods and corporate headquarters says that Prometheus considers them one and the same. Additionally, Alyssa and Tia say that the Prometheans make them feel like they’re equal partners. As Tia puts it, “Everyone was so genuine and down to earth. They made us feel like we’re part of their lives.” Finally, the Topshop Quality Contest Alyssa won can be seen as an opportunity to help future neighbors get even more of that welcome-home feeling on their very first call.

Stéphanie Versin puts a bow on it: “At the heart of the contest was creating the best Prometheus experience possible for our future neighbors. Alyssa positively shined there. So did Tia and the rest of the RealPage team. Which means we all shine.”

That sounds like one happy neighborhood.


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Gad Meiron has always taken the road less traveled. He’s morphed from chemist with degrees from Yale and UCLA to strategic planner for Fortune 500 marketing firms to writer of Happy Meal jokes for McDonald’s restaurants.

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