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We monitor the weekly Twitter-based discussions on #AptChat in order to consolidate and summarize for you the often wise tips property managers contribute about running properties more effectively. A recent apartment chat topic was “Quick Social Media Wins Any Marketer Can Make Time For.” While most apartment marketers today understand how critical social media is, many feel they just don’t have the time to engage in it.

So which platforms and activities offer the low-hanging fruit? Here’s a look at how the discussion went:

What social media sites are you using most often in your marketing/communication efforts today?

Though it’s far from being the trendiest kid on the block, Facebook is a very useful and efficient tool for branding apartments.  One participant said “I feel like all the others have more specific purposes, and Facebook is the traditional one with something for everyone.” A manager from Flagstaff said she uses Facebook to promote and share pictures of events, as well as to share blog posts. She went on to say she uses Instagram for contests to gain followers and to tap into trends such as Pokemon Go. Another participant has had luck racking up impressions using Snapchat. Some felt that Twitter was of lesser value in apartment marketing. Whether or not these opinions will hold true in the multifamily industry is yet to be seen.

What are some things that you make sure you do consistently to get more out of social media? Any tips you can share?

Answers to this question reflected what’s becoming the conventional wisdom on the Internet: that pictures are worth a thousand words. As the Internet moves away from text and towards pictorial images as the chief vehicles of communication, apartment managers are finding positive results when they post pictures or videos of properties, events or anything that attracts the eye. “Go find a dog or a cute toddler!” said one. Another posted a humorous emoji the property had created to spur renewals, attempting to reach an audience of students.

What are some of your favorite ways to get your social content in front of residents/prospects? How do you help them find you?

The “quick win” mentioned first in response to this question was using email leads to reach people on social media, due to the “super focused audience.” A manager chimed in that this makes it easy to extend referral campaigns, with spending going to ads you know are reaching current residents.

Two participants mentioned the importance of matching the content to the platform, since each has its own style, preferred word count, etc. One of them went on to say “sell experiences, not amenities” and “use action shots instead of stills.”

social media

What are some new ways you’re trying to use social sites? Facebook Groups or Marketplace? Twitter Moments? Instagram Stories?

There wasn’t much response to this question, indicating that managers in general are not exactly pioneering the usage of new features. One did say “We’ve had a couple of clients try some Dubsmash contests . . . they always end up with hilarious results.”

That’s our #AptChat roundup for this week. Look for our next segment in about a week from now!


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