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The kitchen is the one place in a home where all the action is. Throw a party, and invariably everyone gathers around the table or near the fridge. Even in clubhouses.

Among this year’s hottest design trends are big kitchens crafted to entertain the gourmet appetite and really lay out a spread. But, frankly, such space isn’t always available at apartments. Typically, apartment kitchens are much smaller and have only limited counter and shelf space.

Apartment Kitchen Space Savers

The Journal of Light Construction’s Field Guide sample of kitchen clearances shows how to create a kitchen that’s not too big or small for one or two people with a triangular flow. The sample also offers suggestions on efficient storage solutions.

The idea is to get the most out of small spaces, especially when the kitchen is occupied by a single resident. A good target, the example shows, is a kitchen with 32-inch wide work isles (measured from counter edge to counter edge) and 36-inch wide passageways.

An eye-catcher is the lazy susan in one of the cabinets. With a gentle spin, seemingly all the canned food in the world is just a grasp away, even though the kitchen is largest enough to feed an army of hands on the farm.

For an apartment, the spinning wonder is an ideal space saver. So are these solutions that add more storage and are convenient for retrieving items:

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Functional Storage Tools

Limited cabinet space in apartment kitchens is a given, so maximization is essential. For residents, retrieving stored items shouldn’t be a game of chess. Proper organizational systems are a big help, and there are a number on the market that help the user locate an item easily, without having to move a half-dozen others to get to it. Corner storage systems that swivel or twist and slide-out pantry systems enable quick retrieval of items and efficiently slide or push back into the enclosed space.

Also, new cabinet systems drop down, allowing for higher, out-of-the-way storage that can be accessed without using a ladder or steps. With just a touch, the contents retreat into the cabinet. Similarly, contents at the back of a cabinet can be pulled down. A shelf drops from underneath the cabinet to retrieve items behind others.

Combination Shelf Systems

Combination shelf systems with two-tier shelving that mounts under a cabinet provide extra food preparation space. The system holds frequently used items such as spices, and can be easily tucked away. The top shelf is an ideal spot for storage, while the bottom shelf also offers extra space during cooking for food prep items. In a small kitchen, it can provide up to 20 percent more prep space.

Refrigerator Organizers

Perlick debuted a new Drawer Pan Organizer at this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) show in Las Vegas that is designed to fit in the company’s 24” under-counter refrigerator drawer units. The tray system keeps food prepped and ready, allowing better use of counter top space. The organizing tray includes three quart-sized stainless steel pans that can be individually removed.

With the right storage solutions, a kitchen of any size can become much more functional. Especially when your apartment residents have a crowd in there.


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