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How to Get Multifamily Data in Rural Locations

Urban hot spots have traditionally served as primary platforms for steady supply. Today, outer growth is paralleling metro momentum with striking dependability. With rural population on the rise, multifamily data collection methods are evolving to reach the most remote of companies. Rural Multifamily Data Collection In contrast to densely populated areas where research is accompanied[]

Getting to Know Your Generation Y Coworkers

These days, it’s not uncommon to find four generations trying to coexist in one workplace. But Generation Y is poised to dominate the workforce by 2020. Here are a few things you need to know about your Gen Y coworker.

Are Your Consultants’ Interests Aligned with Yours?

Technology services that you offer to your residents—specifically voice, video, and high-speed Internet access—can dramatically affect the net operating income of your properties. Often, these services can be a great source of revenue for property owners in the apartment and rental industry. Additionally, providing high-quality, reliable technology services to your residents improves the marketability of[]

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