Why Will Your Leasing Office Prefer Online Leasing? It’s All About Space and Time


Space and TimeIn the article “5 Reasons Your Renters and Prospects Prefer Online Leasing” we covered reasons why your prospects and renters would rather have online leasing options. Now let’s look at the advantages for your leasing office. It all boils down to two main things: space and time.

Offering online leasing to your leasing offices might not be the same as giving them their own TARDIS or flux capacitor–enhanced DeLorean, but it could feel like it.


First, space. Handling leasing documents over the computer, especially when combined with overall document management, can give your leasing offices more space: space in the corridors as filing cabinets go away. Space on desks, too, as all those binders of paper and stacks of reports go electronic. All that paper takes up a lot of room, and it’s heavy to boot. Clearing it away will be like remodeling your leasing offices! And it promotes green efforts.


Second, time. Think of all the time-sapping activities that online leasing can eliminate for your leasing offices:

  • Filing papers
  • Retrieving paper documents
  • Searching for misfiled documents
  • Tracking down information that was accidentally left out (ever have a lease come up for renewal only to find out that one of the tenants never signed the lease in the first place?)
  • Waiting by the printer for those new printouts
  • Faxing
  • Trying to interpret renters’ handwriting on leasing documents
  • Copying information from one place to another
  • Making copies
  • Packaging papers for storage
  • Packing papers for the home office

So what can your leasing agents do with all that free time? Ask them. Ask them what it is about apartment leasing that attracted them in the first place. Chances are their lists won’t include paper filing or standing by the printer. You’ll be freeing them up to do the things they wanted to do from the beginning. Like helping people find the right place to live. Like getting to know residents. Like strategizing on the best ways to close leases and maintain your properties. In short, they’ll be able to devote more time to revenue generating activities and managing your properties.

Yes, some leasing agents might be worried about the changes at first, concerned that you’re saving their time just to eliminate jobs. But in truth, the tools are giving them ways to be more efficient, to do more, to stretch themselves farther. You’re giving them an opportunity to accomplish more.

Web-based leasing can put hours back into your agents’ days, just like time travel. How will that feel? As two of my favorite time travelers, Bill and Ted, might say, “Excellent!”

Are you ready to use online leasing to unleash the powers of space and time? If you already are, what other benefits are you enjoying? Sound off in the comments below.


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